Aberdeen Friends of Israel

Israel needs friends everywhere, including Aberdeen, Scotland. The state of Israel is a modern liberal democracy but its enemies try to demonise it. We want to tell the truth about Israel. There is propaganda from both sides of the conflict. We want to promote the hope of communities living side by side in peace instead of all the confrontational rhetoric.

Items on our Blog Page

  • Film: Whose Land?

    Film: Whose Land?

    This film narrated by Col Richard Kemp CBE will be shown on Sunday 18th November 2018 at Summerhill Parish Church, Aberdeen at 14:30

    Entry £3 at the door.

    Please email aberdeenfoi@gmail.com or register in the Facebook event if you are coming.


  • Conference in Aberdeen by Ultim8 Christian Conferences

    Conference in Aberdeen by Ultim8 Christian Conferences

    An Everlasting Covenant 


    On 22nd September 2018 there was a conference at Bon Accord Free Church, Rosemount Viaduct.

    “Amazing Christian speakers from various parts of the world discussing prophecy with a dive into Biblical scripture – featuring a Hebrew Scholar who opens up the Bible in a whole new way.This will take you from the comfort of your seats on a whirlwind tour of ancient history and ancient prophecies in the Middle East and into the relevant reality of Biblical prophecy in the modern day”

    The speakers were:

    Simon Barrett the presenter of the Middle East Report on Revelation  TV

    Stephen Briggs (Hatikvah Films) Bible teacher and filmmaker

    Paul & Jessica Parkhouse (International Christian Embassy Jerusalem)

    Iain Hepburn (Gilcomston Church) Hebrew lecturer and theologian.




  • Film Show in Aberdeen

    Film Show in Aberdeen

    This is a stunning docudrama created by CBN, produced by Gordon Robertson.

    We held this on Sunday 18th Feb 2018. It’s available on DVD from CBN www.cbneurope.com



  • A Busy Year for Aberdeen Israel Advocacy

    A Busy Year for Aberdeen Israel Advocacy

    2017 has been a significant year for Aberdeen Friends of Israel. Our Scottish city, so far North and West from Israel, is an active site of the ongoing Middle East struggle. Why should this be? What difference does that remote conflict make here? The reality is that what happens in Jerusalem is the focus of centuries of struggle and affects the entire world. In millennia past it was empires and enslavement, then religious rivalry and supremacists, but now in the 21st Century, added to the religious rivalry we have racism and political revolutionary ideology – a nasty cocktail.

    The Christmas meme “Peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind” seems yet to be a dream, but as at Hanukkah, we intend to be a light to our city. Over the last year we have:

    In March: supported a Schools Holocaust event and held an advocacy seminar.

    In May: Aberdeen hosted the Israeli netball team and we made sure they were supported and welcomed.

    In August: Supported and contributed to the Shalom Festival at the Edinburgh Fringe.

    October: We had the WIZO Olive Trees paintings exhibition in Duthie Park, supported, visited, opened and closed by local politicians and dignitaries. The opening speech from Ross Thomson MP is HERE and Mr Nissan Aylon’s testimony of WIZO’s work is HERE

    November: Held a “Balfour 100 Destiny’s date” film night.

    All year: We have been acting as victim support in two court cases of racial harassment, and helped Jewish Human Rights Watch monitor antisemetic protests in the city.


  • Balfour 100 – Destiny’s Date!

    Balfour 100 – Destiny’s Date!

    On Sunday 19th November 2017 we had a film show which looks at four major events which occurred on 31st October –

    500 years ago Martin Luther nailed his statement to the church door;

    119 years ago Kaiser Wilhelm II entered Jerusalem;

    100 years ago simultaneously the British Cabinet approved the Balfour Declaration and General Allenby captured Bethsheba.

    How are these linked?

    Film trailer on YouTube and DVD from AO Vision

  • Women and Their Olive Trees

    Women and Their Olive Trees

    Olive Trees are symbols of Peace

    These trees live for hundreds of years. They are not touched during conflict because they will be the source of prosperity when peace comes.

    An Olive Branch offered to an adversary is an offer of peace. After Noah’s flood, the dove brought back an olive branch – the tragedy was over.

    In the community of Afula, Israel, the women have each painted their olive tree.

    They were on display at Duthie Park Winter Gardens.

    Ross Thomson MP Speech

    Nissan Aylon account of WIZO work

  • BDS


    Our answer on the streets

    • BDS is destroying efforts for peace. The movement promotes the conflict and was initiated in Canada by militants.
    • Neither the Palestinian nor Israeli leadership support the BDS movement. Boycotts harm the economy of the West Bank and create unemployment for the Arabs.
    • Boycotts only create more divisiveness and hatred, and perpetuate conflict by strengthening radical positions on both sides

    Quotes from BDS founders

    • BDS does mean the end of the Jewish State – Ahmed Moor
    • We oppose a Jewish State in any part of Palestine – Omar Barghouti
    • The real aim of BDS is to bring down the State of Israel – As’ad AbuKalil
    • Bringing down Israel will really benefit everyone in the world – Lara Kiswani
  • Apartheid?


    A true comparison.

  • Zionism Leaflet

    Zionism Leaflet

    This guy knows what he’s talking about!

  • Anti-Zionism


    This movement is being exposed for what it is: Jew-hatred… and promoting it is ‘hate speech’ for which ‘freedom of speech’ does not apply.

    The new French President (top left) has said, “We will never surrender to the messages of hate; we will not surrender to anti-Zionism because it is a reinvention of anti-Semitism”.

    Of course he is right. The term ‘anti-Semitism’ was coined in 1879 by German political agitator Wilhelm Marr (bottom left) to replace Judenhass (“Jew-hatred”) to make hatred of the Jews seem rational and sanctioned by scientific knowledge.

    The Zionist movement was a response to widespread anti-Semitism throughout Europe and the Middle East, a solution to the frequent pogroms. Theodor Herzl (bottom right) founded political Zionism to provide the Jewish people with a safe homeland. This was endorsed by the British government 100 years ago this year (1917) in the Balfour Declaration. This was then agreed and enacted internationally by the League of Nations at San Remo in April 1920 (main group).

    Now the term anti-Zionism has been adopted by a new generation of political agitators to make their anti-Semitic views more acceptable as a ‘political movement’.

    Since Zionism is the agreed answer to anti-Semitism – the hatred of Jews – and is a solution endorsed in international treaties, it follows that anti-Zionism must be anti-Semitism by another name.